About Us

How it was formed

When the mind is tuned up with the divine, a beautiful poetry is formed in the heart. But it was not yet appeased for it craved to dream beyond . The creative heart was meant to be a medium for something bigger. It wanted to work in harmony with the creator to make this world a better place. It wanted to drive away the demons of darkness and become a Roshandaan to ignite the minds with the light of knowledge and awareness. It wanted to take baby steps, holding hands together to unite the world in the greatest rhapsody of friendship spreading the fragrance of love. So it connected with likeminded people with similar aspirations and formed a group. What transpired was Roshandaan.

Speading light , spreading life.. always through "Roshandaan"


  • # Using the untapped potential of everyone who joins us, in a way that it is directed towards the betterment of society.
  • # To inspire everyone to dream for others, to believe that dreams come true.
  • # To make "Roshandaan" a platform to realize that dream.
  • Goal

    • # Encourage people to come forward and work selflessly for the community.
    • # Make the world a more aware place, where people live in harmony and peace.
    • # Fill the world with hope and smiles.

    As alone we can’t do anything, we need the mass for endeavors to strive, brace the society for uplifting it. For this, we need to take action, because the great aim of life is not knowledge but action. We can purchase our future just by taking action in the present. This revolution needs the burning passion of altruism, a patriotic fervor and the zeal, the zest to serve the country. If we all can dream today of a perfect society, then only we’ll gather the courage to work towards achieving it. It is better to be a dreamer and a visionary than to be a chronic pessimist.

    In a thickly populated country like India, youth constitutes a vast pool of untapped energy and talent and Roshandaan provides the podium to perform and to utilize their talent to reach sky heights. Rather than wasting our individual energies on the hedonistic pursuits, we should collectively choose our own way of serving the community. We warmly welcome the courageous and valorous youth to be a part of the community ‘Roshandaan’ to get maximum opportunities for Career, passion , talent and recognition.